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S4C Mela Documentary!

In 2010, a special S4C documentary in Welsh entitled 'Digwydduadau 2010 - Cardiff Multicultural Mela.' was produced covering the Mela event. The Mela, held in Cardiff Bay, drew a crowd of over 30,000+. These sections include footage of various performers as well as highlights of the Mela. Presenters Mari Grug and Morgan Jones delved in to the sights and sounds of the event. The programme was part of S4C's Digwyddiadau 2010 series which brought highlights from events all over Wales with the Mela being a completely different event to some of the others covered in the Digwyddiadau 2010 series. As he found out more about the Cardiff Mela, the more he looked forward to attending for the first time, said Morgan. Performing on the Mela main stage were some big names from the world of Asian music, including Imran Khan and the Bombay Rockers. Bollywood dancers also took to the stage along with other dancers from various traditions. With a fair, rock climbing wall, stalls selling all sorts of foods and goods and music workshops, Mari and Morgan were ready to give anything a try as they mingled with the crowd.