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1 DAY, 2 DJs, 3 MELAS

The London, Edinburgh and Cardiff Melas have teamed up to set a unique challenge for BBC Asian Network’s Early Breakfast Show presenter, DJ Wax and Nutkhut’s tallest DJ in the world. As all three melas happen on the same day (Sunday 8 August), the DJs are being challenged to appear at each one, taking in motorways, airports and railways along the way.

The mela challenge, entitled ‘Planes, Trains and Rickshaws’, will see the two participants attempting the 550 mile journey. They will start their three-city challenge with an early appearance at the Cardiff Multicultural Mela, then continue their journey along the M4 to wow the 02 London Mela crowds, before flying to Scotland to hit the Edinburgh Mela Festival stage.

Audiences will be able to keep track of their epic journey by tuning into the BBC Asian Network live broadcast from the 02 London Mela –

Imran Iqbal, Cardiff Multicultural Mela, says: “As one of the newer melas in the UK, Cardiff is super excited about this exciting partnership project!”

Ajay Chhabra, 02 London Mela, says: “The Planes, Trains and Rickshaws DJs can expect a massive welcome at the 02 London Mela, which offers something for every generation of every community to enjoy.”

Liam Sinclair, Edinburgh Mela Festival says: “The Edinburgh Mela team are all looking forward to working with BBC Asian Network again this year on what is shaping up to be a really special collaboration.”

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